What we're doing now...

FALL 2021

  • We are working on re-releasing Songs For The Church 📀Remastered under The Dodds artist name
    •  It’s been kind of a dramatic deal but we are working on it!
  • Tyler has been mixing Instrumental versions of our last 5 singles to release soon!
  • We just launched our online 🎉MERCH STORE!
  • Researching and writing songs for an upcoming full-length album! 😊
  • Open for worship events 📨CONTACT
  • Excited about a new house concert platform called Host & Artist
  • Our last song release: Grace Upon Grace (Amazing Grace) 🎧 LISTEN
  • If would like to partner with us financially for future projects – you can help us here via PayPal  or Venmo- @bailey-dodds-2ed
Dodds Studio Image